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time, parliament's across europe, for example in spain, are voting in favor of such laws -- parliaments across europe. >> among the many faithful attending this catholic procession is jose antonio fernandez. he was a priest, but he sacrificed the status in order to marry. the church allowed him to continue working as a schoolteacher but later refused to renew his contract after a photo of him and his family appeared in the media. >> they exploited the situation to justify my dismissal. they said parents would be offended if they found out i was a married priest. that was a lie. the parents all knew me, after all. >> he always talked openly about phis situation to his pupils, bt renouncing his faith was never an issue. he was hoping for a positive move from the church, possibly from pope benedict xvi. he was aware, however, of the vatican's traditional reluctance to change. >> ideas that challenge the norm are considered an attack on the church and its teachings usually. this is not an attack. it is just about thinking differently. >> that way of thinking was harshly criticized by the po
problems there early. for example, if you take environmental issues, a factory does not stick to the law because up paying a price to superiors. even though there is a good law for environmental issues, they will never stick to the rules, so that is the major problem from my point of view. as long as they do not solve this corruptional problem, i think there will not be any big moves, and they cannot solve the corruption problem because there are not any checks and balances. >> thank you very much. >> the new leadership in china faces many challenges. top appointments to government ministries will be announced during the congress as a new generation of leaders emerge. >> as we mentioned, xi jinping will be confirmed. we now take a look at the man who will steer the world's second-largest economy over the next 10 years. >> xi jinping -- the new leader of china's communist party and soon to become its next president. from a powerful and wealthy family, xi is one of china's princelings, a member of china's ruling elite, a rich aristocracy that firmly holds the reins of power. right next to
to modifying the tax law. what's the constitutional court says our concept of family has changed since the basic law of 1949 was written. that's something we need to think about. >> a party conference agreed not to introduce legal equality without a constitutional court ruling, but they are feeling the heat from the junior coalition partner. >> we very much hope tolerance will prevail. they still have time to send a signal indicating a more democratic, tolerant society. >> the question is whether the government acts before a court ruling forces their hand. >> how is the meeting wrapping up that we mentioned, terry? >> an interesting meeting. the purpose was to cquell a debate on the gay marriage and the outcome was this. the conservatives decided they will wait and see what the constitutional court rules in extending more rights to individuals in same-sex partnerships. meanwhile, conservatives decided they are against extending any more rights to individuals in same-sex marriages unless they're being forced to by the court. essentially, what we have ended up with is nothing. chancellor
are looking for long-term solutions. they're talking about improving laws to prevent air pollution. they say they'll strengthen supervision to make sure people abide by those laws. plus, they want to drop specific control measures on major pollutants and vehicle emissions. in january china's environmental protection ministry set a timetable for major cities to meet the national air quality standard by 2030. but over the weekend, one chinese official urged speedier action. he said people cannot wait that long for clean air. >> air pollution is one of the major issues mpc members will be discussing. their meeting opened today. how did things start off? >> reporter: outgoing premier wen jiabao outlined the accomplishments in the past decade and the challenges that lie ahead. i went to the great hall of the people to listen in. officially it was the government work report. but this was also wen jiabao's swan song, the last time he would greet the national people's congress. >> translator: we see it as necessary and appropriate to set this year's target for economic growth at about 7.5%. the goal
. >> this professor teaches law at peking university. he led a group of 70 experts who signed a series of proposals submitted to the government in december. shortly after xi jinping became communist party chief. they described chinese people as frustrated with corruption, abuse of power and growing wage gap between rich and poor. they said this frustration would reach a critical point if political reform didn't move ahead. they warned chinese society could face a violent revolution and fall into chaos. he posted proposals on his website but he said it was erased within 24 hours. >> why chinese society is so unstable today? precisely because of a lack of credible reform. it's because of this lack the government or the government policies, government actions are not responsible to people. so that's why our air is so dirty. our underground waters got into trouble. so many people, especially the peasants, lost their land. we need a reform to start with. because the government has only emphasized economic reform. they only pay lip service to judiciary reform. >> reporter: in january, a demonstration in
disadvantage for the country if we suddenly had the world's most rigid company law. >> in a huge, flashy campaign that has cost more than 6 million euros, business associations are doing everything to convince citizens that the initiative would be bad for all employees in switzerland, not only executives at the top. tv commercials and posters are warning of the country's downfall. they've even gone so far as paying students to criticize him in internet forums, but they deny any wrongdoing. >> we are not buying these votes. the swiss cannot be bought. that has been seen in the past as well. it takes a lot to raise awareness. >> the other member of the team is his loyal sidekick, secretary, press officer, and campaign manager all in one. they only have a modest budget of 300,000 euros, but their arguments have found resonance among it particularly to solution segment of the population. it took no time at all to get the 100,000 signatures they needed. >> i am extremely angry because they just do what they want. >> it is not right. we've got less and less while those at the top just skim off
between companies and local governments. >> translator: it is very hard to enforce the environmental laws while the focus is on promoting economic growth in rural areas. sometimes local leaders will protect the interests of the companies and obstruct steps to protect the environment. >> reporter: civic concern is higher than ever before about the environmental pollution and the effect on health. in order to ease public anxiety, the chinese government will investigate the cause and look into the contamination and disclose information. >> reporter: michitaka yamaka is joining us now, you heard from farmers who say they don't want to drink the water from the wells and they want someone to clean them up right away. what can they do? >> they have little choice but some complain. some villagers have sent petitions to local and public officials demanding immediate action but they say they have received no concrete response. and it is not just the villagers in ginhan frustrated. demonstrations against environmental contamination are spreading in many parts of china. some people are considering fi
. it is logical that we test that in a court of law. >> mercedes is not interested in fuel economy right now. it prefers money, and that is easiest to make with luxury and sports cars. instead of electric motors, it is marketing deceptive power packs like this with its 360- break hp kick. cars like that also boost the company's sometimes static image. >> an automobile remains an emotional product, and keeping these emotions running at high levels is a recipe for success. agree that 2013 will be a difficult year, but the optimists among them say the worst will be over by next year. >> runcie will go through on aggregate. finally, the golden gate bridge is without doubt san francisco's most famous landmark and draws thousands of tourists every year. >> but right now, another bridge in the city is stealing the limelight. for decades, the san francisco/oakland bay bridge has been derided for its drab design until this week. >> dusk falls over san francisco, and the city's bay bridge comes out of the shadows. it is being billed as the largest eliminated sculpture in the world theill -- illuminate
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)